Welcome to Two Trees Tofino

Welcome to Two Trees Tofino

Hi there :) I guess you are reading this because you are interested in our shop. Thank you!

Two Trees Tofino is owned and operated by Mikaela and Paul. We started Two Trees Spring 2019. With our new little baby, we decided to relocate to beautiful Tofino, to start a new life where he can grow up and be surrounded by the waves and the forests. We left our retail jobs of over 15 years each (that's where we met),  and took over the retail space of what used to be an imported, fair trade hippie store and started our venture together into entrepreneurship. 

There were lots of challenges and curveballs to maneuver, and figure out along the way but here we are, one year later, and the store is becoming more and more closer to what we had envisioned. A hub for local makers and creatives, featuring well made and designed art, decor, jewelry, ceramics, candles and beauty products. Of course, a Tofino Home + Gift shop would not be complete without a few Tofino magnets and postcards too ;)

You are probably wondering, what is Two Trees? What does it signify?

When Mikaela was a little child, her grandparents bought a small piece of land on Chesterman Beach Road and built a log cabin home as their residence. Every school vacation, Mikaela and her siblings would travel to their grandparents house, excited to spend time on the beach, going on walks, eating grandma's delicious food, being cozy by the fire, and of course, hearing the grandparents stories. It represented family, good times, good food, and nature. 

The drive to Tofino was long so Mikaela and her siblings would play a game of who could spot the HUGE old Cedar tree first, the one right before Chesterman Beach road. Every corner past the junction the kids would yell "Two Trees! Sushis!" In hopes that they would be the one to call it. 

When trying to decide on a name, as soon as we said it we knew it was the one. 

Now its been about 10 years since the tree was taken down, but we hope in some way the spirit of Two Trees can live on. 

We hope to see you soon in Tofino.

Thanks for reading this blog post!




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