Teaspoons & Co Boba The Boba Box Bubble Tea Tea Kit 101

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Boba Tea Kit 101 offers you the essentials for making bubble tea at home! This kit makes 10 servings! Our tapioca is made in Vancouver, Canada! Kit includes 35g Loose leaf tea, 430g of tapioca pearls, 10 bamboo fiber straws OR add +$1.50 for metal straw, 10 tea filters. Select from the following: Black Tea Lychee Black Tea - Pleasantly sweet floral tones. When brewed, this tea has a reddish-brown hue and a subtle fruity flavour. Earl Grey - The lemon notes come from the use of Bergamot extract and generously compliment this smooth-tasting tea. Assam - Full-bodied malty flavour. Classic black tea is commonly used by tea shops as a traditional milk tea base. Classic Chai - Robustly-flavoured, creamy and spiced. French Vanilla - Black tea with light vanilla tones. Thai Tea - Naturally rich and creamy flavour. Green Tea Jasmine Yin Hao Green Tea - Delicate and subtle flavour profile with notes of Jasmine.