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Ethereal Ring

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The Ethereal Ring represents the waxing and waning of our life journeys and is deeply inspired by celestial symbolism. As Earth’s greatest companion, the moon intuitively encircles our planet, proudly displaying the beauty of its’ phases. Let this ring be a physical reminder of continuous, steady, and bright transformation, even in the darkest of nights.

Choose from Gold Vermeil or Sterling Silver with a faceted oval rainbow moonstone.

Moonstone reminds us that it is time to get down with our divine selves. It invites us to explore the places in our bodies that need both passion and healing. This gemstone is also an ideal companion for an inward spiritual journey and it fires up our feminine side. Be prepared for an influx of intuition.

*Some pieces of moonstone may have small freckles or inclusions. These are not dirt or cracks, just natural geological occurrences.