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HighTide | Bath Salt Soak

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Handmade On Vancouver Island. 

These Salt Crystals have been personally formulated to help radiate your best energy by cleansing, detoxifying and restoring a healthy balance in the body. 

Botanical Soak : 

Immerse your mind, body and soul in a blend of intoxicating oils, bouquet of organic flowers and the healing properties of natural Dead Sea Salt.

Detox Soak :

A unique blend of dead sea salts, rock salts, natural eucalyptus essential oils, green sea lettuce, dulse, nori, sea kelp and full spectrum oil this brings the body a natural stress reliever that helps with relaxation while at the same time soothing, softening, moisturizing, detoxing and restoring your skin.

Euphoria Soak: 

Packed with vitamins, dead sea salt, intoxicating fruit blend of mango and passionfruit, minerals, vitamins, himalayan salt cbd oil, floral petals and roses buds blanketing you in beauty. Charged with reiki energies making this the perfect choice for a self care ritual bath.

Rest And Repair Soak:

HighTide wanted to create a salt soak that would help restore muscle tissue, bring deep relief and skin repair. Their Rest + Repair has an abundance of magnesium making this the best choice for overall body healing. 

Serenity Soak: 

This deeply therapeutic salt blend is designed to enhance relaxation while calming both mind and muscle tension. Soothing handpicked lavender buds promotes stress relief and aids in sleep while refreshing the senses with a clean, crisp floral aroma.

Wild Rose Soak: 

Wild Rose Salt Soak is a blissful and healing bathing experience that begins with offering a soothing and relaxing aromatherapy Rose petal ritual. Organic Dead Sea mineral salts, Rock salts, and our trusted Epsom salts help bring relief to pain and soften skin while the carefully chosen aromatics assist in decreasing inflammation, soothing muscles, and reducing stress.