Amphitrite Light Art Card

Amphitrite Light Art Card

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6" x 8" Mini painting by Tofino Artist Mark Hobson. 

Below Are Mark's words 

Released 2016

The southernmost tip of the Ucluelet peninsula is marked by one of B.C.’s most iconic lighthouses. Adding it to this scene provided the perfect excuse to insert a tiny bit of red to an otherwise green and grey painting. The lighthouse, although not in use these days, receives the full brunt of winter storms as successive fronts scream across the north Pacific. I have shown the sea water as it is in the winter, a slightly more turquoise green than it would be when there is lots of plankton blooming in the summer. The presence of sea foam is also a common sight when the waters are whipped as if by an egg beater in mid December. This work came together surprisingly smoothly. It was painted in January between storms while the winds were rattling around my studio and images of huge waves were fresh in my mind.