The Shasta Necklace

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Mount Shasta, a dormant volcano in Northern California, is an energetic vortex that draws thousands of visitors every year. The myths, happenings, and legends surrounding this magical mountain are endless, but my favourites include the high reporting rate of alien craft sightings and the rumoured Lemurian city within its’ peak. Mount Shasta joins the likes of the Great Pyramids and Stonehenge as one of the most famous mysterious places in the world.

  • Sterling silver pendant featuring a faceted marquise-cut blue sapphire.

  • Sterling silver chain and lobster clasp. 18".

Sapphire is gentle, old soul energy. It’s perfect for calming and focusing a busy mind because it restores balance within the energetic body. Anything that no longer serves you all of a sudden won’t feel so necessary to hold onto. Wear it if you need a clearer picture of your purpose.