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Truly Lifestyle Brand

Truly Body Wash

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Give your body a treat! This lathering body wash is what dreams are made of... with 3 different scents to choose from, this wash is made with gentle cleansers and moisturizers! Its soft lather cleanses the body without drying whatsoever. Which one will you choose?

Lemon: Lemon-y fresh! Our signature scent was first introduced in our iconic facial cleanser... and now, you can use it for your entire body! What better way to wake up then with the refreshing scent of lemon in the morning.

Eucalyptus: Welcome to your at home spa. This invigorating scent will make you senses come alive! Pro tip: pour a little in your bath to create the ultimate soak.

Vanilla Latte: Imagine this... you walk into your favourite cafe, in the cutest outfit. You order a vanilla latte (soy of course). You breathe in the sweet aroma and take your first sip. That's what this body wash smells like. 

16 oz bottle